Cigar Smoking Teen Dream Second Hand Smoke


Ruby is a Texas teen who loves to smoke cigars. The video opens with Ruby in Levis and a bra, dancing and powering through a nice sized Macanudo with big open mouth exhales, and lots of smoky, oozy exhales – she also loves to blow rings. Ruby also lets you in on how she started smoking and what it means to her. Different outfits follow, with lots more open mouth exhales and rings, as she totally enjoys her smoke. Next, she brings out her Swisher Sweets and smokes one after the other, both indoors and outdoors, in several different outfits. Again, there are many scenes of Ruby playing with her smoke, blowing rings, and showing total attitude and obvious love of the smoke. This video has natural audio and some dialogue. It was filmed many years ago on analog tape so the quality is a bit lower than our digitally-filmed videos, and that is reflected in the download price.

Date: July 24, 2023

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