Jenna The Smoking Queen USASmokers


Bombshell blond smoker Jenna shows off her sexy smoking skills in her brand new smoking video. Jenna smokes 8 cigarettes in 8 scenes, 6 Newports, 1 Marlboro Red and 1 super slim Capri. She does awesome omis, snaps, double pumps, some RAY and nose exhales, audible inhales and exhales, sexy eye contact throughout and a nice variety of outfits and looks. She looks like Marilyn Monroe smoking with a holder wearing an elegant dress in one scene then she looks like a bad girl in her leather vest and spike studded bra, then she is looking like a school teacher wearing her glasses, she sports her workout outfit, she also wears sexy pantyhose and a bikini.
Always awesome sexy smoking from this beautiful heavy smoking babe

Date: July 20, 2023

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