Smoke And Heels CoherentLight


This dark-side video from CoLight’s earlier days, with enough great smoking to satisfy non-darksiders as well, has four segments. First, Valentine and Keenan demand the best from a boot boy. Valentine has her heels thoroughly cleaned while Keenan oversees the work. They switch for Keenan’s turn and let the boy lick a while before telling him some dirty stories. They offer a bit of spice by flicking some of their ashes on the boots to enhance the flavor. Virtually all the exhales are straight stream with a few husky exhales from Keenan. Keenan smokes Marlboro Reds while Valentine smokes all-whites. Next, Suzanne explains your place with her: her boot and shoe collection is unrivaled and your tongue is to keep them clean. She also plans on making sure you entertain in very special ways at her parties: serving drinks, licking shoes and swallowing ashes while the women tease you to make your servitude even more arousing. She finally relents and encourages you to satisfy yourself at her feet. Shot from several angles, you will enjoy a long look up at Suzanne from the floor. She smokes all-white 100s with snaps and straight stream and right-at-you exhales. In the third scene, Keenan is in seventh heaven as a foot tease. Smoking Marlboro Reds she uses her stockinged foot to rub and tease her boy before seeing how wide her foot can stretch his mouth. Her hose and toes need to be cleaned and the devoted boy sucks the sweat from her feet, as Keenan smiles and laughs throughout. She uses her feet, her see-through mesh top and her straight streams of thick smoke to keep her boy under her foot. Finally, Megan has a new pair of shoes to show off; she uses them under a restaurant table; at home you’re on your knees trying to decide which is more delicious, her heels all over you, or her smoke. Megan smokes Marlboro Lights 100s using straight stream exhales and mixed snap and regular inhales. This video has great natural sound and lots of dialogue.

Date: July 23, 2023

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