Monnie: Smoking Interview


This extra long production (35 minutes runtime) introduces a new model to smokingsweeties: Monnie is 30 years old and one of those heavy smoking women who are always ready to display their routine, skill and determination when it comes to smoking those cigarettes. Here, she demolishes a whole lot of cigarettes in four scenes and one should pay attention to her situational styles as these mirror her heavy smoker’s mentality (smoking all the time and everywhere). Scene 1: First some smoking while relaxing, then an interview part with some intimate details. Scene 2: Smoking in bed in topless while listening to music and showing her skin. Scene 3: Smoking while being busy with the computer and with the mobile phone. Scene 4: Short smoking and dancing scene. Monnie’s smoking is primarily characterized by her ways of dragging and her exhaling. She needs to do these kind of ruthless drags under uncontrolled and destructive cigarette handling. Concerning her exhales, she seems to like it if she holds and digests the smoke. Well, after having seen this, one can be sure that Monnie is definitely always determined to maximize the smoke intake in order to cope with her persistent cravings. She simply has no need for a filigree way of smoking. And, what is also sure because of this: She seem to be unable to stop smoking but rather increase the amount of cigs per day and also smoke them even more and more uncompromisingly over the time. Ready to check this rather unconventional smoking model out?

Date: August 17, 2023

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