Caitlin Second Hand Smoke


Just 18, Caitlin called Second Hand Smoke asking if she could do a video, saying she chained Lucky Strikes, smoked at least two packs a day and loved to french inhale. Well, it was all true, and in this video she powers through her Lucky Strikes, often finishing them off in under two minutes each. She french inhales many of her hits, with nice thick streams from her mouth to her nose, before exhaling thick plumes. There are also many double pumps, and her cigarettes all get smoked to the filter. There are also lots of right at you exhales, dangles and open mouth inhales in this video. For all-white lovers, she also smokes Capri 120s in the video. There is ambient sound and some dialogue. This video was shot in analog format a number of years ago, so the quality isn’t quite the same as our digital videos, and the download price reflects that.

Date: July 24, 2023

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