French Inhaler Second Hand Smoke


Yuna is a sweet and sexy 21-year old from France, who’s a terrific smoker. And it’s not just her outstanding technique; Yuna looks as natural when she smokes – as most women look when they breathe. The video starts with Yuna smoking casually on a couch, talking with the cameramen about her smoking. Then, she’s joined by her non-smoking friend Coco – and she has two VS 120s as she details her smoking history, talks about the differences in smoking attitudes in the US and France, and explains to Coco why she loves to smoke. She even tries to get Coco to try it a few times (regrettably, Coco refuses). Aside from Yuna’s fabulous smoking and great dialogue (and an adorable French accent), what’s also noteworthy is that Coco’s totally unscripted questions are exactly the ones a fetishist would have asked. We next see Yuna working at her computer, smoking well with lots of dangles – and then she has another cigarette in front of the bedroom mirror, before the video finishes with a bang. Yuna lights one cigarette, then decides it’s not enough and lights a second, to smoke both at the same time. And she practically devours the two cigarettes, with her same great style. Yuna shows every kind of inhale and exhale during this video. Her normal smoking style includes lots of double and even triple drags – thick, fluffy exhales – lots of slow, sensuous nose exhales – as well as talking exhales, dangles, frenches and open mouths, and a few rings. She smokes a variety of brands, including VS 120s, VS 100s and ML 100s.

Date: July 24, 2023

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