Keli Returns Second Hand Smoke


This video opens with Keli in a very hot black latex and PVC outfit, powering through a VS 120 as she feels her outfit and talks about how she loves leather and other shiny stuff. Next come two scenes shot together – in the first, Keli strips from a leather jacket, and dress to become totally nude as she smokes a Capri 120, and then smokes a Marlboro Light 100 as she puts on a cute outfit with tiny white top and jumper. Throughout, she talks to an unseen boyfriend, teasing him about how she’s smoking the brands he likes, and wearing the type of clothes he likes. The scenes are also seen from a different angle, with just the inhales and exhales. Finally, Keli returns to her beloved Newport 100s as she has two cigarettes while driving. She gets progressively more horny as she drives and smokes, and during the second cigarette she also begins touching herself. She then pulls over so that she can get a little more serious, pulling her top down and touching her breasts. (To everyone’s disappointment, including Keli’s, the shoot had to be interrupted at this point, as a security guard started heading toward the car.) In all of her scenes, Keli shows huge inhales and enormous cone exhales (with a occasional mouth-nose exhales).

Date: July 24, 2023

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