Lavinia And Carmen Second Hand Smoke


This video is the second in a series featuring incredible smokers from Eastern Europe, where cigarettes are very cheap, smoking is allowed almost everywhere – and heavy and accomplished smoking is the norm, not the exception. Lavinia and Carmen, both in their 20s, are two more great examples. Lavinia regularly smokes 2-3 packs per day, but has smoked as much as six packs in a day. She shows her great style as she talks non-stop about her love of smoking and how she loves to play with her smoking when people are watching her in public, showing deep drags and a fabulous natural snap inhale, along with french inhales, thick mouth and nose exhales, and multiple (as many as eight) pumps. Carmen was a late bloomer because of her very strict parents, but is making up for lost time – she regularly smokes 2-4 packs a day and now says she can’t go much more than five minutes without a cigarette. She has a natural open-mouth inhale which shows itself often; and also does nose exhales and double drags, as well as her normal mouth exhales. Carmen talks about her smoking through about two-thirds of her segment, because at times she must speak through an interpreter. Because this video was shot on location in Eastern Europe, with less-than-optimal equipment and lighting, it doesn’t have the digital quality look of our most releases. However, the video and lighting are more than adequate to fully appreciate Lavinia and Carmen’s personalities, love of smoking, and incredible smoking talent.

Date: July 24, 2023

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