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Gorgeous smoking superstar Xiaoyu is back in our studio by popular demand again to tease you with more seductive smoking.  Everyone likes watching this long term heavily addicted smoking beauty put huge amounts of smoke into her body despite the fact that she is a drop  gorgeous lady too beautiful to smoke. This smoke babe can’t get enough smoke into her dark damaged tar stained lungs. Xiaoyu is a special talented model who turns everyone on with her expert smoking skills that are complimented by heavy long term addiction and beautiful appearance. Xiaoyu turns everyone on because she always looks sexy dominating cigarettes. And she does it naturally the whole time because this smoke beauty is a heavy smoker in real life.

In this second new seductive smoking series video Xiaoyu wears an eye popping blue skirt to expose her perfect body figure and sexy long slender legs.This chain smoking performance is like no other and will please all girls too cute to smoke fans. Xiaoyu plays the part of a cute innocent ponytail who looks like a cheerleader. She chain smokes 2 cigarettes fast in 6 minutes on a stool so you can easily see her perfect body figure and dimensions. Xiaoyu treats her viewers with a  eye contact seductive performance that includes open mouth or french inhales, lung holds, thick combo mouth/nose exhales and nose residuals. Xiaoyu smokes aggressively in this video lighting a 2nd cigarette after only 3 minutes to make sure there is enough smoke in her lungs. Then at the end of her performance she shows you the 2 dark tar stained filters that she finished quickly. It is breathtaking watching this smoking beauty absorb so much smoke in her lungs despite the fact that she is too beautiful to be a heavy smoker. The amount of smoke this gorgeous lady inhales and exhales is an amazing sight no smoking fan should miss.

I recommend Xiaoyu to everyone including first time curious viewers because this special seductive smoking series is a smoking fetish dream. There are many reasons why Xiaoyu satisfies all her viewers and if you watch this new video series you will understand why. The 2 scenes in this video are filmed from both a front view close up and medium range front view. There is improved HD camera filming to highlight and enhance the large smoke volume effect. Don’t wait to see this incredible performance. This is one very pretty heavy smoking Asian lady you don’t want to miss.

Date: July 30, 2023

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