Bree Smokes With You USASmokers


Sexy heavy smoker Bree chain smokes two Marlboro Red 100s with you in this new custom smoking video with the following scenario:
You have recently started smoking but you could use a few tips on how to get more joy and pleasure from smoking. You know Bree is a very experienced smoker so you ask her to give you some instructions to improve your smoking satisfaction. You are sitting in front of her and she lights your cigarette so you can smoke along with her as she teaches you how to thoroughly enjoy your cigarette, she looks at and talks to you throughout the video as if you are there smoking with her. Bree shows off some of her sexy snap inhales and OMIs along with her hard drags, some double drags deep inhales and a few lung holds. Captured from a front view and a side view and both are included. Enjoy learning how to enjoy smoking more with the beautiful heavy smoking babe Bree

Date: August 4, 2023

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