Jenna Smoking Extravaganza USASmokers


Here is awesome smoking model Jenna in her all new 45 minute long smoking video. Jenna devours 12 cigarettes in 10 sexy smoking scenes. Jenna smokes a variety of cigarettes including; Marlboro Reds, Newports, Parliaments, one Virginia Slim, one long brown More and one Filterless Camel. Jenna looks and smokes sensuously, she smokes powerfully and her snaps and open mouth inhales combined with her deep and audible inhales are sexy as ever. Jenna proves that beautiful girls can seriously smoke, not only does she chain smoke two cigarettes in one scene, she also does a two at once scene demolishing two full flavor cigarettes in less than 6 minutes and then this gorgeous girl powerfully and easily smokes a super strong Camel Non Filter inhaling and exhaling enormous amounts of thick strong smoke. She glamorously smokes a Virginia Slim wearing studded black leather outfit, she shows off her sexy body in skimpy outfits and also wears feminine girly outfits smoking Reds Newports and Parliaments.
Every scene Jenna looks incredible sporting a variety of outfits and looks, every scene she drags hard, does sexy snaps and omis, she audibly inhales deep and audibly exhales thick clouds of smoke, she looks right at you often as she enjoys the feeling of nicotine rushing through her beautiful fit body.
45 minutes of awesome sexy heavy smoking from this blonde bombshell

Date: August 4, 2023

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