Ava Grey Pure Power Smoking USASmokers


Sexy heavy smoking woman Ava Grey demolishes her cigarettes with strong lighting showing off the huge amounts of thick smoke pouring in and out of her well seasoned strong lungs. She smokes 6 cigarettes in 6 all new smoking scenes, 2 Marlboro Reds, 2 Red 100s and 2 super strong Camel Non Filters. Ava smokes in her sexy powerful smoking style including big drags, deep inhales, long thick streaming exhales, snaps, OMIs, dangling, nose exhales, double drags and some combo exhales along with a few coughs. All six scenes are captured from a close view and a wide angle, all are included in separate HD downloads. Awesome skilled powerful smoking from beautiful heavy smoking woman Ava Grey

Date: August 6, 2023

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