Mery: Seductive Smoking Girl


Very addicted, in a special manner. Mery lets a generous amount of smoke to ride her lungs, 3 to 5 of seconds is enough for her to feel complete while experiencing the orgasmic “petite mort” penetrating her chest.

Addicted to fire, as she seems to like it so much, repeating that oral fixation motion that catches the attention of men like you, who cross glances with modern vestals, kneel before their grace, and plead for their mercy.

As a young guardian of the sacred feminine fire, Mery leads it down her throat, sensually, lighting herself. Is not about heavy smoking but natural seduction, sensuality in the pleasure of completing her body with smoke, and glamour on topping her sexy garnments with the penetrating perfume of cigarettes. Her kissable breath stinks of the sweet, forbidden smoke she cherishes in her chest, making her feel complete and womanly.

The video is divided in 4 scenes, 3 diferent outfits, you’ll witness 7 of the 25 cigarettes she smokes a day. As Mery said on previous videos during an interview: “It’s odd to see myself smoking on public during daytime, but as soon as I arrive home, I start to chain smoke cigarettes. I constantly smoke at home.”.

Date: August 12, 2023

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