Nostrils 5 CoherentLight


This video shows almost all nostril exhales, with patented CoLight lighting and camerawork. Maddie races her way through three segments, including a mostly a three-quarters view from just below her chin, lots of closeups, and one with gloves, gown and jewelry. Nadja shows nice volume and cone exhales as well as nostril exhales in her three mostly casual segments. Ramona mixes regular nose streams with some nice slow fluttering exhales. She also shows a number of French inhales. Upper body and her face are the prominent views, with full make-up and black leather wrist gloves. Clarisse’s thick nostril exhales work beautifully as long jets or slow, wafting ribbons. Watch for the three-quarter view close-ups, with casual elegance. Also, fast snaps is second nature to her. A lot of her three segments feature right-at-you and extreme closeups. This video has natural sound.

Date: July 4, 2023

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