Noemi: Charming Smoking Woman


Noemi is a charming spanish woman, and genuine 2 pack per day smoker for 20 years. This video is her debut at smokingsweeties.

  • Scene 1: Seated at the counter of a wine bar, Noemi chain smokes two red 100s, while keeping a close eye contact with the camera. Her smile is magically expressive, her faces of smoking pleasure are so obvious. Alternating double drags with snap inhales, Noemi holds the cigarette near her face, and looks at it as if it were the ideal partner with whom she is in love.
  • Scene 2: This scene consists on an Interview, explains how he started smoking at 12, stealing cigarettes from her mother, the person who was her biggest influence to start smoking. With 13 Noemi became a regular smoker.
  • Scene 3: Sitting on a sofa, Noemi smokes a 100s red through natural long drags followed by long holds, showing what an experienced smoking woman she is.

It is worth noting in this video the charming sound of her inhalations, and for those who are interested, Noemi shows a natural smoker’s cough that is evident in several fragments of this video.

Date: August 7, 2023

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