Jenna Heavy Smoking Bombshell USASmokers


Introducing brand new smoking model Jenna. Blonde, beautiful, petite, incredible body and an awesome heavy smoker!! Jenna is 22 she works as a fitness model and a personal trainer. Jennastarted smoking quite young and has been smoking for 10 years and she has been smoking over a pack daily for the past 5 years. She is a heavy smoking beauty with one of the sexiest smoking styles ever. Nice open mouth inhales and snap inhales along with the sensual looks on her face make for an incredible smoking show from this bombshell. Jenna smokes strong, pulling hard with cheek hollowing drags and often double pumps to get more smoke that she exhales beautifully.

Jenna smokes 5 cigarettes in 5 scenes, all scenes were filmed with two cameras and both angles are included for a total of 10 smoking scenes. She smokes 2 Newport 100s, 2 Virginia Slim menthols and one Pyramid menthol with no stops or edits.Jenna is a stunning beauty with an awesome smoking style who can really smoke the hell out of a cigarette

Date: August 6, 2023

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