Irene: Smoking Goddess


Irene gained merit enough for a solo video after her stellar debut on Smoking Ladies Night video. You are about to penetrate in her smoking world. Along 20 minutes of video, 5 cigarettes devour this beauty of fire. Discover the 5 scenes: Scene 1: Irene smokes on a cocktail bar, with the companion of a hidden smoking girl friend. Listen carefully her heart beating as she lights up her first cigarette, and during the first minute, due to the microphone disposition. Scene 2: The movement of her slim body smoking while walking is showcased here to be contemplated. Instead outdoors, this Smoking Sweety walks on a treadmill, on a backlighted scenario. Scene 3: Relaxed on a terrace, Irene satisfies her cravings for another smoke. Wearing nothing else that a scarf, partially revealing her chest, deeply enjoying each drag, she reveals answers about her smoking habit: “Started to smoke at 12, smokes more than a pack of reds per day”, even she states that she satisfies her cravings while sleeping. Crooked lines of God emboding a Smoking Goddess. Scene 4: Irene smokes on toilets. Here is a dark one, posing topless, eye-contact with the camera, continuously flooding her lungs with smoke. Her exposed pierced nipples delight on the creamy pleasure she feels inside. Scene 5: A peaceful summer evening at home has the perfect lighting to contemplate a real woman smoking. Thus is the daytime Irene most craves. A transparent blouse reveals her skinny smoking body. Close ups focus on her open-mouth inhales and her lipstick-stained cigarettes. The sounds of Irene’s smokes are spectacularly clear along the 5 scenes.

Date: August 12, 2023

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