Selena Holders CoherentLight


In the first long segment of this title, Selena, dressed in tight black leather boots, pants gloves and a cut away top, smokes with a very long black holder while she looks directly at you and tells you what she exects from a slave, smoking two white 100s and an all white Sherman 164. In the second, longest segment Selena wears a fur trimmed, long sleeved leather corset. She first smokes a Djarum Black in a silver holder then switches to all-white 100s. She tells you what turns her on about a slave, and explains in detail what she would like to do to you while she smokes. Interspersed are brief clips of her feeding ashes to her slave while teasing and torturing him. Finally, she uses her black phallic holder, and as thick columns of smoke jet from her mouth, she encourages you to orgasm while you watch her smoke. Look for the little wisps of secondary smoke that curl from her lips and nostrils after she has exhaled. In addition, the first segment is absolutely full of double drags; watch the first drag stream from her nostrils as she pulls hard on the holder to take her second drag. This title has dialogue, natural sound and silent spots, as well as some nice closeups.

Date: July 23, 2023
Actors: Selena (CLP)

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