Sofia: Devoted Smoking Woman


30cpd Sofia passionately smokes 5 cigarettes along 2 scenes. Her “Talking lungs” sounds highlight along this movie, attesting the insane amounts of cigarettes this woman uses to smoke in her real life.

Scene 1: Wearing nothing else than a silk nightgown, Sofia chain smokes 3 cigarettes on the bed. Plentiful double drags, lusty snap inhales… Sofia smiles knowingly at the camera, holding her breath to drown her lungs in creamy smoke.
Scene 2: Wearing a cocktail dress in the corridor of a nightclub, this devoted smoking woman hungrily chain smokes 2 more cigarettes. Nostril exhales, cigarette flashes, and hungry cheek-hollowing drags define this scene, together with her talking-lung sounds.

Date: August 7, 2023

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