Sofia: Natural Chain Smoker


Sofia (31 y.o. at depiction time) is a Spanish commited smoking woman and amateur model, who surpases the pack per day. She started to smoke regulary when she was 14, and today debuts at Smokingsweeties on her introductory video.

Quick smoker, deep inhaler with audible sounds of her well-loaded lungs, she reduces her cigarettes to embers through natural and continuous drags. Sit with her and share a drink, and she will chain smoke until the pack is empty. I have witnessed that she always carries two packs of Camel in her bag. Now you are about to witness how she flashes them.

  • Scene 1: Sofia smokes 3 cigarettes in 8 minutes, with no breaks. She clearly knows how to deliver the most pleasure to her lungs. Creamy open mouth inhales, long dangles encompassed with cheek hollowing drags, as she sits on a pink sofa with her bare feets on.
  • Scene 2: Cheek hollowing drags are on display her, flashing 2 cigarettes with no breaks on a “looking at you” scene. Sofia sits beside a mirror, she naturally lives with a constant urge to smoke one cigaretteright after the other.
  • Scene 3: Sofia smokes the last cigarette of this video on a terrace, elegantly smoking and holding the cigarette between her long nails, and fashing that cigarette again.

It’s also remarkable that this is the first video offered in 4K resolution.

Date: August 7, 2023

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