Lys: French Heavy Smoker


Heavy smoker Lys (42) of 2 pack of menthol slim, returns in a long length video. 9 cigarettes are smoked here.

Scene 1: Lys craves so badly after 3 hours without smoking. Once she lights up, her face turn into satisfaction, with the joy she gets with each drag. Watch how a desperate smoking girl enjoys her long-awaited cigarette while having a drink on her own kitchen.
Scene 2: Lys smokes two cigarettes while laying on the couch, as she talks about her relationship with cigarettes. Her dress is also revealing her beautiful body, her nearly bare breasts which naturally expand after each inhale.
Scene 3: Lys has met with her girl friend who is also a heavy smoker. They both smoke 4 cigarettes together while having a drink on a pub. Her girl friend shines with her long holds, while Lys shines on her talking exhales revealing how much residual smoke she holds after each exhale.
Scene 4:: Lys walks on the threadmill while smoking a cigarette, as she continues talking about her habit.
Scene 5: Lys smokes the last cigarette on her bed on a side-by-side angle. Natural french inhales arise, followed with crispy inhaling sounds.

Date: August 8, 2023

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