18 y.o. Lyuba is smoking and giving an interview about her sexual life RussianSmokers


Questions to her:
– Tell me, please, are you already having sex and how long?
– Do you remember your first sex? Can you describe how did it happen?
– Did you like your first sex?
– As for today, how soon do you smoke after sex?
– Was it the case that you smoked when having sex?
– What men do you like most, smokers or non- smokers?
– Do you watch porn?
– Which do you like most? What porn does you turn on most?
– What sex do you like?
– What positions do you like?
– What haircut do you usually do on your pubis?
– Is the boy’s haircut important to you?
– Do you have a relationship now?
– Did you have some dirty ideas when you saw a stranger who you liked?
– Maybe, you had sex with strangers?
– How do you like to seduce men? What do you do when you want to have sex?
– Do you give yourself self-pleasure?
– What is the most unusual thing you used to have pleasure?
– Do you often have an orgasm?
– Who did you have your first orgasm with?
– Was the first orgasm strong, do you remember what did you feel?
– What was the craziest thing you did when having sex?
– Did you have sex with a girl?
– Having a relationship, do you cheat on your partner?
– Do you like talking sex?
– What is the best compliment a man said about your naked body?
– What is the strangest thing you are turning on?
– Do you like caressing yourself in front of the partner?
– What is your favorite oral sex technique. Blowjob?
– Is there something in sex you’ll never agree to do?
– The man is all right or sometimes he asks for it?
– Did you use sex toys and do you like it?
– How do you feel about the taste and smell of sperm?
– Do you swallow?
– Does the penis size and form matter to you?
– Has this impact on your sensations? Strength of orgasms?
– Had you sex in a public place?
– Would you like to be in a porn movie?
– How often do you have sex with your partner?
– Do you s.leep with or without your clothes on?
– What excites you most in men?
– Where is your erogenous zone?
– Where do you need to touch you to get you excited? Or you just described it in principle?
– Do you like men of your age, older or younger?
– How do you feel about sex for money? Are you ready to pay for it yourself, or if you are offered, would you agree?
– What do you do best in sex?
– What is the fastest position to reach orgasm?
– Did you have sex in the car or on the beach?
– How long can you stay without sex at all?
– Do you need foreplay before sex and how long does it usually last?
– How do you feel about simulating an orgasm?
– Do you like to have sex in the dark or in the light?
– Do you take the sun on the nude beaches?
– How long your sex usually lasts?
– Did it happen that you had orgasm after orgasm?
– What do you do if sperm gets inside accidentally?

Date: August 9, 2023

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