Interview with 18 y.o. Lyuba RussianSmokers


Questions for her:

– What’s your name? How old are you?
– How long have you been smoking?
– Do you remember how you started smoking? Describe your first cigarette.
– How many cigarettes do you usually smoke a day?
– How many cigarettes did you manage to smoke one by one the most?
– Have you ever tried smoking the whole cigarette without your hands?
– What cigarettes do you usually smoke? Do you have any favorites?
– Do you feel addicted to smoking?
– Do you feel that smoking somehow affects your health?
– When you smoke on the street or when you open the pack, do you litter or do you always throw bulls into the trash bin or litter on the street?
– Do you spit when you smoke?
– How much time does usually pass between cigarettes before there is a desire to smoke again?
– After you wake up, how soon do you smoke your first cigarette?
– Do you feel dizzy or something else after the first cigarette?
– What do you like most about smoking? Can you describe?
– Do you smoke for pleasure or more because of addiction?
– Do you have any hobbies? Can you tell us about them?
– Do you regret starting smoking?
– Have you tried to give it up?
– Do your relatives know about your smoking?
– How do they feel about it?
– When they found it out, were they against it?
– Do you smoke at home with your parents?
– Do you think a cigarette suits you?
– Do you know that there are people who like to look at smoking girls? How do you feel about it?
– If you get pregnant, will you give up smoking during pregnancy?
– Is this cigarette strong for you?

Date: August 9, 2023

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