Lola & Sonia: Smoking Sisters


For her second appearance, Lola has brought along her younger sister Sonia. Sonia has got that innocent shy maid look that gets empowered as soon as she lights up. So you not only get to see the distinctive cigarette exploiter Lola again but you can also find out about the smoking style and smoking skills her younger sister Sonia has developed. Notice that both girls have established the same furious yet seasoned way of heavy smoking.

Right from the beginning of the video, these two adorable women smoke greedily. The amount of cigarettes that they need to feel comfortable if they are hanging around together can hardly be contested by others. The girls also tell a bit about her smoking traits (their smoking interview is subtitled in English). After viewing the video, you may judge by yourself here if these personable sistes would be indeed your favourite neighbours or girlfriends.

Date: August 12, 2023

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