The French Way CoherentLight


For CoLight aficionados, this is the ORIGINAL version of The French Way, with Noel being seen for the first time in years. (The remastered version did not include Noel.) Perhaps the most perfect french inhaler every to step in front of the camera, Noel knocks off french after french, follwed by straight mouth or husky exhales, as she chains VS 120s. Megan takes a step back in time as she practices her French Inhales before going out with a guy she wants to impress. Megan’s exhales, after her beautiful french inhales, are thick and voluminous, and her segments are shown from several angles to get great views of the streams of smoke. Finally, Mizz P shares an entire segment of close-up french inhales, beautifully done. Since this is the original version of the video, the audio track has been lost; but we’d rather be able to share Noel’s artistry.

Date: August 19, 2023
Actors: Megan (CLP)

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