Rosy: Heavy Smoker Extravaganza


In this extra special smoking spectacular from Smokingsweeties, young heavy smoker Rosy puts on a magical display her habit as she rewards her addicted lungs with warm hits of creamy smoke in a new exciting way.
Scene 1: Rosy’s powerful addiction is fed continuously by floating cigarettes that on her dreams are made of. She hungrily pulls huge drags and multiple pumps in a continuous feel: a never ending chain of self-lighting cigarettes provides itself for the attention of her lungs as she reaches forward to win their nicotine prizes.
Scene 2: For her next trick, Rosy powers through a cigarette magically lit between her thighs and somehow pulls drag after drag all the way from her grin to her lungs. She then smokes another cigarette from her underwear, pulling the smoke from her finger end.
Scene 3: Having her lungs heavily dazed by the big number of hits along the previous scenes, Rosy still keeps chain smoking heavily on the bed, boosting her pleasant nicotine rush as in a ‘point of no return’. As usual on her videos, she always combines double and triple drags (directly inhaled) with deep nostril exhales, burning each cigarette in less than 3 minutes. This girl really loves to smoke.
This is a mystical and unusual video which takes it tolls on young Rosy’s stunned lungs and frequently leaves with an obstructed chest, wheeze and wet coughs, which doesn’t seem to bother her too much.

Date: September 17, 2023

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