Rym: French Smoking Sweetheart


Now 21 and craving nicotine to the order of 20 cigarettes a day, the French coquette Rym fills herself with three 100s in two outfits that flaunt her beautiful young body for your pleasure.

During the first scene in a yellow dress and red-black stockings, she keeps her eyes away from you whilst looking casually through her bag. She veils her girly, innocent face with the screens of smoke that climb her cigarette during a long dangle. Gradually, she becomes aware of you, teasing you with long, petulant looks at the camera and breasts peeping out over the top of her dress. After she reaches for a second cigarette, she tousles her dirty-blonde hair and massages her petite décolletage, before unlatching the shoulders from her dress. She looks up at you more and more with her huge brown eyes as she smokes, full of attitude as she watches for your response.

In the second scene, the tips of Rym’s breasts hold her jacket open as she taps on an ashtray, reading. Her figure lures your eyes down her belly towards the translucent lace running through her legs. Discarding her book, she lies on her back, emptying and re-inflating her chest as her belly flexes and her eyes flutter shut with bliss. She mesmerises you with French inhales of thick white smoke before a last long, lingering look at the camera before cut.

Throughout, Rym’s smoking is candid, seductive, and full of flirtatious charm. Her drags are dry and hungry, often double-pumped, with a distinctive whooshing sound as the smoke passes in and out across her lips. Her nostril exhales are noisy, and when she speaks you can hear the smoke catch in her throat. Occasionally, the filter makes a kissing sound when it leaves her mouth as though she is reluctant to let it go; it won’t be long before she reaches for another…

Date: September 17, 2023

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