4 More Women CoherentLight


4 More Women is a compilation video highlighting some of CoLight’s early work. This video contains the original ‘More Of’ features with Holly, Suzanne, Callie and Jennifer smoking brown More 120s. Holly’s natural style places heavy emphasis on snap inhales along with a few French inhales. She includes a nice variety of nostril exhales, smoke rings, smiling as she smokes non-stop. Suzanne is lounging on a sofa in violet lingerie, showing lots of snap inhales, nostril exhales and thick streams from her perfectly painted lips. Callie drags deeply on her More 120s (She actually wanted more smoke than they would give). She has a more ‘pert’ look for this video and is shown in two outfits and three different postures with three-quarters, profiles and closeup views. There’s audio with a modest amount of dialogue from the voice-shy Callie. Finally, Jennifer does simple French Inhales, some nostril work and lots of straight exhales. Since this was very early work, there is very little background sound in this video.

Date: July 4, 2023
Actors: Holly (CLP)

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