Odds And Ends Second Hand Smoke


This is old footage that was being saving for specialty videos, but it was finally combined and released. Most of the segments feature mostly nose exhales – and great ones. The video opens with former Penthouse Pet of the Year Martina Warren when she was just 19 and already a long-time experienced smoker, showing luscious nostril exhales on every drag. Martina is followed by Catrina, who mixes thick nose exhales with an occasional open-mouth inhale, french inhale or set of smoke rings. Next is Mellissa with two segments, featuring terrific nose exhales and a few perfect frenches. And then Jenni Lynn demonstrates her prowess at deep drags and fabulous nostril exhales. The final segment features Christina and Viktoria, smoking some of the last-ever Shermans Fantasias 164s, along with lots of smoking-related dialogue.

Date: July 24, 2023

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