Sexy heavy smoker xiaoheimei’s new interview Asian Fetish Club


Our new pretty model Heimei loves smoking and you will watch be amazed watching her do it. This beautiful pony tailed young lady will impress all glamour smoking fans with her good looks and please all heavy smoking fans with her deep satisfying drags. Heimei will surprise you with her addiction and how much it controls and affects her life. Heimei inhales huge amounts of smoke into her fragile female body despite the fact that she is too pretty to be a heavy smoker. She inhales smoke down to her toes carelessly with little concern about the dangerous health consequences. You won’t believe many of Heimei’s interview answers including how many cigarettes she smokes daily.

Heimei looks so cute and innocent sitting on a sofa wearing a dress revealing her perfect barbie doll figure and sexy long slender legs. You will enjoy hearing about Heimei’s smoking life and how much she is addicted to it. The real star in this video is Heimei’s erotic smoking skills which include deep 4-5 second drags, open mouth inhales, thick combo mouth/nose exhales, nose residuals and talk exhales. You will be shocked to see Heimei finish 2 strong cigarettes fast in only 7 minutes in this erotic and exciting performance. Look at all the smoking history, habit, attitude and health awareness questions Heimei answers in this interview:

1) How did you start smoking and how old were you?
2) How many cigarettes do you usually smoke each day?
3) How does it feel to smoke that cigarette after not smoking for awhile?
4) How long can you go in between cigarettes before the urge?
5) How long was it for you before smoking became a daily habit?
6) Do you ever notice people checking you out while you are smoking?
7) Does anyone give you a hard time about smoking?
8) Do you regret starting to smoke?
9) What do you think your lungs look like since you have become a heavy smoker?
10) Do you care about your health now that you are a regular smoker?
11) Do you chain smoke while driving or sitting in a car?

Heimei a breathtaking and memorable smoking lady who admits that smoking is sexy. All the scenes are filmed from 2 angles from both the front and side profile view. There is improved HD filming that enhances and highlights the large smoke volume effect. You will learn lots about Heimei’s smoking life when you hear her interview answers. How addicted to smoking is Heimei? What is Heimei’s favorite brand of cigarettes? What is Heimei’s favorite cigarette of the day? Does Heimei like the taste or smell of cigarettes? Does Heimei smoke for pleasure or addiction? Does Heimei have a smoker’s cough? Does Heimei wake up in the middle of the night to smoke? Does Heimei feel sexy while smoking? You shouldn’t wait to find out the answers to all these questions and more. This smoking doll will turn you on with her advanced addiction heavy smoking skills.

Date: July 30, 2023

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