Kalina: Smoking Sweetangel Falling


Fulfill your wish to watch how a smoking sweet angel from years ago has metamorphosed over the years. Years ago, Kalina, appeared here as a sweet angel. Her thin cigarette shaped body is still the same. But her look is now alternative, pierced and tattooed. She mentions how she has become a mirror of her mother, who is a committed smoker as well.

Kalina has spent the last years doing nothing but watching TV series under a blanket, accompanied by one cigarette after the other. She mentions on the video that the first and the last thing she does every day is to smoke a cigarette on her bed. Cigarettes keep accompanying her all day long, roaming between her fingers and her lips. She is not on a rush to consume each cigarette, but to fix the vacuum of her oral fixation, while keeping her lungs stimulated all day long.

Along the video she relates how she started to smoke when she was 16. Nowadays she continues smokes her usual 30 cigarettes per day intake. She justifies her addition to the reason that her life is boring and needs to do something to calm down her anxiety. Like her mother, she doesn’t wants to quit. She even talks sarcastically about her lungs along the video, denoting a lack of self-esteem, or perhaps a high level of black-humour. She also mentions how much she loves the smell of cigarettes in her clothes.

Kalina smokes 8 cigarettes along this video, consisting on 5 scenes, wearing consecutively a summer nightgown, tight jeans, and a ballerina costume. The video is plentiful of close ups to her pierced lips wrapping the cigarette filter erecting, while her chest rises to absorb the smoke. Is then when a half smiles of satisfaction is drawn on her face.

This video also features some of her natural coughs, nostril exhales, tight exhales, French inhales and some flash smoking.

Date: August 7, 2023

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