Ines: Her Mouth Tastes Like An Ashtray


Skinny smoker Ines wears transparent outfits while smoking 6 cigarettes along the video. She exhales the smoke fuzzily, no cone exhales but wide slow exhales that make her mouth to taste like an ashtray. Tiny residual exhales come right after, giving visibility to the smoke she has been holding inside her lungs.

The two first scenes of the video are shoot with natural sunlight. The smoke of her cigarettes looks crisp clean along beautiful portrait compositions.

On the second scene Ines is depicted topless in the kitchen as she takes pleasure of holding the smoke in her lungs. The fuzzy exhales followed with residual smoke are a constant in her video.

Along the third scene Ines smokes 4 more cigarettes. The cigarette dangles in her lips as she brushes her hair. Beautiful open mouth inhales are on display, topping this video. Ines holds the eye contact with the camera. Her look reveals the complex personality of this intriguing smoking girl.

Date: August 12, 2023

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