Vanessa: Her Regular Habit


Vanessa debuted as smoking model at SmokingSweeties 9 years ago, she was 24 years old. Her attributes are solidly preserved along the years: her regular smoking habit, her hot body and her pleasantness. She is your imaginary smoking girlfriend becoming a mature smoker, a smoking MILF. Vanessa keeps smoking her reds with continuous drags, regularly moaning of please while exhaling, retaining the half of the inhaled smoke after each exhale.

This video consists on 3 scenes, where Vanessa smokes 6 cigarettes with evident pleasure, craving and devotion. Scene 1: Vanessa chain smokes 2 cigarettes, standing up in the living room. Her chest generously expands after each inhale. She wears her black jacket, partially revealing the pair of breasts she satisfies. The video runs straight, nearly no cuts, as this smily smoking girl flirts with the camera while smoking. On selected fragments, the screen splits in two angles, displaying both a close-up and its respective full body angle. Vanessa devours her reds at certain times.

Scene 2-3: The natural sunlight enters through the kitchen windows, lighting the scenario. Vanessa quickly flows the air with her residual smoke. Surrounded by a creamy atmosphere, Vanessa changes her tight black clothes to a bikini made of shiny stones. Her smoking is rapid, as she feels peer preasure on the camera. She calms down the nerves of this moment bringing her cigarette to her lips with a constant rhythm. Along Scene 3, Vanessa smokes 3 more cigarettes. She applies aftersun oil on her skin, while dangling the cigarette from her lips. She drags her reds so instinctively, as she focus her attention on finding the best pose to display her voluptuous body to the camera. One wonders she doesn’t realizes how much she is smoking. The room has been flowded with her sweet residual smoke.

Date: August 12, 2023

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