Rebeca: Chain Smoking Interview


In this video you will see the lovely and cute rebeca again. She smokes three cigarettes all the while telling you about herself and her habit. Rebeca really loves to smoke: “When I inhales the smoke I don’t only feel it in my lungs but all over her body”

She got hooked when a girl-friend of hers gave her a cigarette. “It was cool”. From then on she tried different brands. Now she smokes between thirty or sometimes even forthy cigarettes a day.

Her smoking style is quite sensuous as she inhales and slowly exhales the smoke. Sometimes the smoke kind of droops out of her mouth which is pretty sexy. Some of her inhales are really deep. One scene in particular shows how much she appreciates having the smoke linger deeply in her lungs. You have to see for yourself!!

The first and second cigarettes are chained. It is amazing to see this cutie light up like that. There’s also a great story she tells you when she did not have a lighter one night. You have to hear it to believe it. One hint: the next morning she knew she was truly addicted.

You will love rebeca as she is the nice girl next door type who you’d never expect to be a heavy smoker.

Date: July 1, 2023

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